The Treasure Tree

My kids love books! I am always looking for good literature for children. They enjoy sitting and listening while I read to them. Reading to our children is SO important, it teaches them many important life skills; how to sit, be still, how to listen and respond, how to focus, exercise concentration, patience and self-control. Reading and cultivating a love for books is a gift to any child.

We were given the book “The Treasure Tree” as a gift. (Thanks Grampie:) It is such a wonderful story that I wanted to recommend it to all my readers. I don’t want to give too much away but this book is a wholesome story about friendship and adventure. It teaches children about the importance of team work and the role that different personalities play in solving problems.

At the end of the book they have a checklist to help parents understand their children’s personalities. Being a therapist/counselor, I am already intrugied with personality, so it was nice to confirm my children’s personalities and begin the process of training them appreciate their giftings. It’s funny because we now realize that each member of our family are one of the 4 different personalities; I’m the Lion, Jim is the Retriever, Judah is the Beaver and Mercy is the Otter. (We haven’t figured baby Atirah our yet:) It has been fun to talk to the kids about their God-given personalities and how we can compliment and help eachother in life.

I highly recommend getting your hands on this book, you can order it on Dr Gary Smalley co-authored the book and also has many other personality books for adults and couples which shed a lot of light on relationships. Many of his books have been beneficial in our family and our marriage relationship.

Hope you enjoy the Treasure Tree as much as we have. It has truly been a treasure to our family!


Homeschooling starts tomorrow!!

Our journey is about to begin! Starting tomorrow I will be taking on the role of homeschooling mom to my 4 year-old-son. (And my 2 year-old daughter – she will most likely be colouring and doing crafts during our classroom time.) Hopefully our one-month old little girl will start to regularly take her morning naps during this time as well! I feel so blessed to have the oppotunity to teach my children, I always remember thinking that it would be so much fun to be a teacher, who knew that I would school my own kids one day:) I love watching them grow and learn! I feel like it is a priviledge to be able to spend each day with them, knowing that the season of childhood goes by so fast and each day brings about new changes. Over the past year I have sought out many people who have had experiences with homeschooling, friends, family, complete strangers, all of them had their own bits and pieces of wisdom and insight that I could glean from. I spoke with homeschooling parents, students, some who were homeschooled all the way through others who were just schooled for a couple years. I read articles and listened to radio programs, read statistics and compared the numbers, I think I went a bit overboard. But through it all I loved learning about everyone’s different experiences and it made me that much more excited to start our oun journey. Judah, my son, is so excited as well, he has been telling me for over a year nw that he really wants to be homeschooled, he doesn’t want to go to school, he wants me to be his teacher. I was actually surprised at first but then thankful that God has been preparing his heart and that he too is looking forward to the experience. My husband has been amazing as well, he and I are a team in this and have preparing through much prayer and discussion for this new season!! It will take discipline and sacrifice. We have decided that we are going to oversee different parts of the curriculum and add in our own classes as well. For example, Jim is going to be doing the french portion and I will be doing the phonics, numbers and letters. It is nice to know that we can teach in the areas of our strengths to give them the best we can and cover more courses. I was sitting in the room this mornig, praying for God’s will to be done in our home. I was asking for strength, endurance and creativity as I embark apong this adventure in the education world. I look forward to watching them grow in the academic area of their lives and ultimately my prayer is that; God would give me the grace I need for this season and that HE would teach my children everything that HE wants them to learn so they can be all HE created them to be!