Dandilion Dilemma

I don’t know if anyone else has looked out their window lately and seen a beautiful array of yellow dandelions? They look nice from afar, in fact, when they are spread out over fields they are beautiful, like a golden blanket covering the cold bare ground. However, when they cover my back yard it is a different story. Dandelions aren’t flowers they are a weed! And while they may look nice in an open field they inhibit any other plants to grow. They spread quickly and will choke out all other plant life and grass seed. They are a pain to get rid of, their roots go down really deep. It is important that you pull out the dandelions with the root,  if you just pull out the leaves or the flower they will continue to grow beneath the surface. The most important thing to take out is the ROOT. It takes forever to get rid of these weeds, I know because I have been doing it for years in our yard, and I am finally starting to see some improvements. I was out for a run yesterday and I saw dandelions growing in yards, pots, gardens, side roads, playgrounds, in sand, dirt, mud and even…in piece of pavement! I almost tripped over my own feet as I ran and when I saw a single dandelion growing up through a piece of pavement! How on earth did that happen? Pavement is a few inches thick and it is solid, durable, and impossible to penetrate…or so I thought! I began to think about this analogy of how something so small and inconspicuous can creep into our yards and spread so ferociously. This caused me to think of the own weeds in my life; things like anger, jealous, bitterness, resentment, hurt, feelings of rejection, abandonment, and…well…you fill in the blank. No matter how strong we think we are we deal with these issues on a daily basis. We keep these feelings and emotions buried under the surface of our facade until we wake up one morning to a field of bright yellow weeds. What are some weeds in your life?  We often think that these areas won’t really affect us or anyone else but the opposite is true. Just like dandelions, these seeds spread and choke out the good things in our lives. If you see the FRUIT you have the ROOT. If I see yellow dandelions in my yard I know the roots are dandelion roots, not grass roots or clover roots of carrot roots! Same in our lives, we often see the fruit which is important to recognize, but the most important thing to explore is the root and how and why it was planted. We need to attack the root and fast. When the dandelions go to seed the wind blows the seeds and they spread like a wild fire! So how do you attack? I am glad you asked…it may be different for different situations but the main ways to let go and get rid of roots is FORGIVENESS! Forgiving isn’t forgetting it it releasing that person and situation and choosing not to blame or harbor resentment towards them. When we forgive someone we let the prisoner go and then realize that the prisoner was us! I find it interesting; the only place that a dandelion will not grow is in water, I passed by a stream on my run and there were dandelions on both side of the stream but NOT in the stream. God’s forgiveness is that stream! Who are you going to forgive today? Don’t let those roots go any deeper, let the dandelion dilemma end today!


Life partner, companion, best friend, life coach, cheer leader, doctor, therapist, provider…these are just a few words that come to mind when I think of my husband Jim. I am sure that you can think of many other descriptive words to give credit to their position in our lives. I am so thankful that I have someone to walk this road with, someone to experience all the pain and pleasure that life brings. I often think back to my single days waiting and wondering if God would bring a man into my life that I would really want to spend the rest of my life with…and He did. I admit there was always a longing inside of me to have someone to grow old with and at the same time there was a fear of the unknown; Would we get bored of each other? Do we want to same things in life? While I dont think that a husbands role is to meet all our needs (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) they do help and their most important job to do is to point us in the direction of the ONE who can meet all of those needs, the ONE who created us – God. I think that is the most important role that our husbands can play, to remind us how beautiful we are and that God has a purpose for us. Essentially they encourage us to be the WOMEN that God created us to be. Somedays I look at my children and I begin to see my husband in their little faces and their cute little mannerisms. I am overwhelmed at the thought of our lives together and the “fruit” that it is bearing. Life comes from intimacy. Our lives have now been so intricately woven together that we are truly becoming one and occasionally I stop and think about who I am, making sure I don’t completely loose myself. When I do this I see that I haven’t lost anything, yes I have changed, but I have gained more than I could have ever hoped for. A Husband, someone who truly loves and blessed my life.  Husbands and wives need each other to be encouraged and grow in their God given purposes. If you are reading this and you dont have a spouse…honor someone special in your life today; father, brother, mother, sister, friend. Or perhaps your’e having a hard time in your marriage…it happens, there are days when I think I could do things a lot more efficiently on my own, but I am committed for life, and now when I look back on those time I realize that they have made our marriage stronger than ever before!  So be thankful for the good days and the bad because they produce character and perserverence in your relationship. How can you honor your husbands today? Go the extra mile and do something special for them…I am so thankful for my wonderful husband Jim, who gives of himself daily in order to provide for us, I am so proud to be his wife and I look forward to all that God has for our future! I am so glad that he was born, I will spend the rest of my life trying to show him how special he is. I love you Jim, Happy Birthday:)

My Journey

So I suppose I should explain the purpose or vision that I have for this blog. Really I simply have a desire to reach out to people and love them where they are at. I honesty dont have a clue where this will go but I am hoping that it will be beautiful. My life goal is to live a simple life that is a reflection of beauty to the One who gave me life. I will say that I am a Christian, and in that I mean that I believe and follow the teachings of Christ. I feel as though there is so much confusion in the systems of church, religion and theology today, it actually disgusts me. I am hoping to harsh out some of these issues and find that which is true and right and pure. I look forward to embarking upon this journey with you. May we experience the freedom of simplicity, beauty and life!