Happy Birthday Mercy


I wanted to post birthday wishes to my beautiful little girl today as I am so overwhelmed with love for her! Having a daughter is truly a gift from God. I learn so many lessons from watching her interact with others as I can see myself in her. I feel like the Lord speaks to me in such deep and profound ways as I watch her grow.I love her beyond words. I believe this is the same love that the Father feels towards me.

Mercy 059

There are so many emotions that arise today as I celebrate the birth and life of my Mercy. As many of you know she has an older brother so when we recieved news that we were pregnant for the second time I was really hoping for a little girl.I had always dreamed of her but at the same time had struggled with thoughts of raising a daughter. I struggled with wondering if I was good enough. I doubted much of my identity and felt very insecure at the time. I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to give her what she needed to grow into a strong confident woman one day. I felt like all of my insecurities, self-doubts, shame and fears surfaced as I prepared to welcome her into the world. It was her birth and life that actually allowed me to find freedom from many of these dark thoughts and deep struggles that lay dormant in my Spirit.

4gens 022

God has mercy on me, as His kindness lead me to repentence. I began to realize that He is my source of strength and identity and He would provide me with everything I needed to raise this little girl.

Her life is a daily reminder of the freedom and deliverance that God has brought into my life. The mercy of the Lord was truly evident during this season of my life, part of the reason why we named her Mercy in the first place. So I bless her today, may her life continue to be light to lead others out of darkness for His honor and glory.

Nobody loves you like I do!

1 weeks old

jr pitch 014


nov30 023






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