Have you ever been amazed at how one drop of dish soap can disperse an entire sink full of oil? How just one tiny spark can ignite a raging and unforgiving forest fire? Or how one small stone thrown into a still body of water can cause a vast ripple effect?

Even the smallest most subtle interruptions can have enormous effects on their surroundings. Just like these natural cause and effects we too can experience this in our spiritual lives. As belivers can have a profound influence on those around us by simply being that small drop or spark. We can affect our entire surroundings by simply living the difference that God has made in our lives. We are called to be those who share God’s love EVERYDAY to EVERYONE we come in contact with. I have heard that it takes 7 positive words to dispell one negative word spoken into the life of another individual. Maybe today is your day to speak LIFE into someone else.

May you spread the love of God in your sphere of influence today. May you not overlook the amazing power that comes from speaking simple and beautiful words of encouragement. Let’s make a difference that counts for eternity today, one life at a time!

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