In the silence…

God is speaking…in the quiet and the stillness of my heart.

This new year has brought with is a deep longing to hear the voice of God. I am dreaming of a new level of mentorship and closeness with my God. I feel like I am being awakened to a new season of desperation and hunger for the Lord. I am not sure if it is because I feel more out of control of my life than ever before, or if my soul is just plain thirsty for Him, whatever it is I feel like my brokeness is making way for new levels of healing and wholeness in Him.

I can sense a new level of awareness of the presence of God as I sit in the silence of my home. In the evenings and afternoons when the children are quiet, I love to sit in the silence. There have been several nights this week when I just awaken and lie still in my bed and sense the Spirit of God with me. As I have been reflecting on a life that is completely consecrated to the Lord I have begun to realize that this is the true longing of my heart. To devote myself to God. I am choosing to hear His voice, obey His leading and focus on His words.

I am awakening to the reality of how much I have to be thankful. I have caught myself grumbling and complaining over the past couple days and have had to repent of my selfishness. I want to become increasingly aware of what is on the heart of God and find out how I am become part of the solution. I think often I try to complicate my destiny or purpose, when in reality it is right in front of me. I am called to be part of the solution to those who are troubled around me. God show me the opportunities that I can help others who needs  to be encouraged.

Who is troubled in your sphere of influence? How can you bring resolve or encouragement to them?

May you be awakened to the reality of who God is. May you embrace the opportunities right before you. My prayer is that we would all follow Him with our whole hearts, not seeking approval from man but from God himself. Lord make us more like you so that we can be an example to our children and those beautiful people you have place in oursphere of influence!

2 thoughts on “In the silence…

  1. I love to read your blog. I feel like we touched some on this today. Confirmation is a good thing. Keep at it Emma, You’re doing a good work.

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