AmAzInG aNiMaLs

This week we were inspired by the movie Happy Feet to study not only penguins but 5 different animals during our homeschooling routine. I suppose you could call it more of a unit study. It has been so fun and we are only one day in! We are going to pick one animal each day and learn interesting facts about them.

Judah's new brother, Pat the penguin:)

Through this activity I’m going to be teaching the kids how to put together a “project” that is interesting for others to read about and learn from. Kids of all ages can do this and it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Hope you have fun!!

Looking at images about Penguins

1. We picked an animal. Today was Penguins as per Judah’s request and tomorrow is going to the Blue Whale, as per Mercy’s request, I have no idea how she even knows what a blue whale is:)

2. We researched them online, I went to a couple kid sites and found interesting facts. We highlighted the facts we liked the most.

3. We searched pictures on google images and printed out a few of our favorites. .Judah picked one of a seal about to attack a penguin, I thought it was a bit disturbing but he said “that is what happens if the penguins aren’t careful mom”… LOL

4. We then printed off all the info, and the kids had races to and from the printer gathering their papers.

Breaking for a little snack, I just happened to have penguin crackers which seemed fitting:)

5. We cut out the pictures, boarders and pasted them on the poster board. The kids loved cutting and glueing, although, my counter was rather sticky afterwards they enjoyed it!

6. We then placed them on the board and glued them on, by this point Mercy was really interested so she played while we finished up.

7. That’s it! We are going to bring it to show the grandparents tonight and Judah wants to explained what he learned because now he is an expert on penguins:) haha

First "official" school project:)

It was actually surprisingly fun to do something different, for both the kids and myself. The best part about studying something that we know little about is finding out how much details and thought went into their creation. I was able to really emphasize how amazing animals are and how amazing and creative God is to think of such creatures. Whether your kids are homeschooled or in school it doesn’t matter, exploring creation with our kids is a gift to them! Take some time to learn about something new and then give glory to God for his amazing creation. We are looking forward to learning more about the blue whale tomorrow…apparently this whale has a heart the size of a car crazy?!

May you be blessed and encouraged this week as you walk in the revelation of God our creator!!!


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