Making our memories of Florida last…

I had this idea while we were in Florida on the beach collecting shells that we could bring them home and decorate small jar to give away, plant herbs in, use as a piggy bank or a toothbrush holder. The kids are all over fun crafts these days and this seemed pretty simple to me. I found a couple mason jars in my cupboard and my glue gun. I covered a small area on the jar with the glue and then allowed the kids to go nuts on them with the seashells. And they turned out AMAZING!! You could easily modify these and use rocks, smooth pebbles, or pieces of wood. You could also use small pots or vases to cover instead. I think we may have enough shells left for me to do a flower vase!

Prior to doing this we gathered all of the shells that we found on the beach and I soaked them with a small amount of bleach and water. We then laid them out on the counter to dry. The kids picked out their favorite shells and we glued them on! We used a hot glue gun so that the shells would stick. A hot glue is definintely not kid friendly but we had a good little system going. I would put some glue on the jar and then they would take the shells and stick them on, one at a time. (this craft took a little longer than expected:) Once it was filled we let it dry and then the kids wanted to use them as toothbrush holders:)

It was really fun to talk about our time away with them while we were gluing them onto the jars. We also talked about how God created all the shells on the beach and even the sand on the seashore. It was a very rich experience for us to do this together! I am always in awe of how many amazing conversation comes when I allow my little ones to focus on a task and talk about what they are thinking in that moment. It is a memory I will never forget.

I pray that your day is full of rich experience with your family as we remember the death of our Savior. May you reflect on the amazing freedom that we have in Him! May you be blessed and remember that the God who knows how many seashells are on the shore, loves you very much!

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