Thankful for His watchful eye!

There are few moments in life when I am completely taken back and aware that I am not in control. Tonight I had one of these moments. My 9 months old is busy these days, she is constantly crawling around, putting everything in her mouth and exploring everything and everyone in her environment. We have done our best to baby proof our home, which is difficult with the small toys and collections that my 5 year old and a 2 years old have acquired over the years. We always try to remain aware of her whereabouts.

Tonight my husband was bathing the kids while I was sweeping the bedroom floors. Atirah was playing in the bathroom and had managed to get ahold of a plastic cap that goes on a bolt on the base of our toilet. It is quite big compared to her mouth. She had chewed on it before and we didn’t really think anything of it, in fact I was upstairs 3 days ago vaccuuming while she played with this same cap. Somehow tonight she managed to get it in her mouth and it got stuck and she began to choke on it. My husband immediately ran to her and with much tact and maneuvering managed to get it out of her mouth, thank God! But it was really scary! My heart was racing and Atirah was really shaken up. The first thing that I thought was; “Thank you God! Thank God that this happened when we were near, thank God that Jim was able to remove it, thank God that it didnt happen when we were not looking. Thank God!”

I think it is easy sometimes to wonder why God allows hard/scary/bad things to happen in our lives. We have a limited perspective and as a mother I am beginning to realize how small my perspective really is. This is just a small example but it is a great demonstration of how we need to be thankful in ALL situations because we do not see the end result as He does. What if this had not happened tonight but it happened tomorrow when I was alone with the kids and Atirah was out of my sight?Or 3 days ago when I was vaccuuming and couldn’t hear her all the time? Even 1 minute it could have made all the difference! God thank you for watching over my sweet little Atirah and teaching me that I am not in control. Help me to surrender always and to remember to ask you to continually watch over us. I desire your watchful eye to remain always on my family.

I humbly recognize that He is the one who watches over my children. He is the one who protects and provides for us. Protect my children Lord, help me as their mother to be watchful and dependent on you. Let me always remember that You are in control and I trust you with the lives of my family. Let us mother always rememeber the impact of our prayers and petitions for our children. You love our kids more than we do God, Thank you for your provision tonight.

May you be mindful of the One who watches over your family. May you be thankful and dependent on Him today! God grant us the grace to take care of our little ones and the humility to recognize that ultimately you are in control!!

3 thoughts on “Thankful for His watchful eye!

  1. I’m so glad she is okay! Thy is scary! We do need the lord as it seems more an more apparent to me too lately that it only takes a minute for an accident to happen with our children

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