Spring is Here!!

The beautiful weather this past week has been a tell tale sign that spring is finally here! (That and the fact that my children need baths at the end of the day because they are so dirty from playing outside:)

Playing in the sand!

We have been having a blast outdoors, SO many things to be thankful for; the buds on the trees, long walks, biking, running through the grass, playing in the sandbox, lunch picnics, parks, wearing summer hats, sandals and shorts, hiking in the bush, clothes drying on the clothesline, tulips poking their heads out of the ground, birds bombarding the feeders and sunlight that warms our skin!

Judah was trying to feed this deer, he actually got really close, but then we just threw the apple at him and he ran away. lol

It’s amazing and I am so thankful for this beautiful season. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love the new expectation that it brings. I love how you can see the physical changes in the environment and people seems to be excited to get out! There is a joy that rises up in our hearts of what is to come.

Mercy flying her kite:)

Living out of town it is fun to watch the forest change and the animals come out of their hiding. We have been going on many nature hikes, finding acrons, moss and giant pinecones. We have lots of deer in our backyard, many of them now have little fauwns with them, they are so cute!

This past week we had Shabbat outside on our back deck, we don’t have any deck furniture yet, so we set up the table on the ground, it was so fun! I am so thankful for the sun and the excitement of new things to come. I am amazed at how much a little vitamin D from the sun can do for my emotions and physical alertness. I love making fun memories with the kids in these days.

In the next couple weeks we are going to begin our small garden in the yard. I am looking forward to teaching the children about gardening and allowing them the oppotunity to watch the seeds grow! May to experience the joy and excitement that comes with this season! May you enjoy the longer days with more light and sun! May the winter that is past serve as a reminder of how great our God is and that His desire is to reward those who persevere until the end! Bless your family!

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