Fresh Garden Herbs!

Mercy helping mommy pot the herbs

This summer year we I decided to do a couple pots of herbs with the kids. I love pots because they are simple, small and easy to maintain. As long as you have good soil and water often your herbs will grow wonderfully. The kids loved to plant the seeds and watch them grow! We planted peppermint, cilantro, and basil (the basil was from seed which we grew inside first then transplated). We are also going to do one pot of curry, chives, oregano and rosemary.

The pots are always well watered:)

Gardening with kids is a simple activity that can be done outside; it is mess free and lots of fun! In the past, I have done pots that are specific to making different recipes. For example, you can do a Salsa Pot; cherry tomatoes, basil, peppers and chives or a Pesto pot; basil, parsely and garlic. This year however, I decided to keep it simple. It has been fun to watch and water our mini-garden and enjoy the fruit of our labour:) I am looking forward to making my homemade pesto once we get enough basil!

May you be blessed today, may you enjoy the simple and beautiful art of gardening!

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