Making Homemade Cream Cheese

We experimented with another recipe a couple weeks ago and despite my skeptism, the outcome was amazing! We decided to make our own cream cheese, it was simple, inexpensive and it tastes amazing! I don’t actually eat much cream cheese but my kids like it on bagels and crackers for snacks.

What you will need:

– 1 large bowl

– cheesecloth

– 2 cups organic plain yogurt

– string

– pinch of salt

– dried herbs such as basil or dill

How we did it:

1. Place the cheesecloth in the bowl and pour the yogurt onto it.

2. Lift up the corners of the cheesecloth and tie the string around the top. Hang the bag on a kitchen cabinet over the large bowl. Position it so that the liquid from the yogurt will fall into the bowl.

3. Let the yogurt drip for at least 24hrs, the longer you leave it, the drier it will get. (we hung ours for about 30 hours)

4. Remove from cheesecloth and place into a clean bowl, mix in salt and herbs, if desired. Spread on crackers or bagels and enjoy!

This activity was again really fun for the kids to participate it and it was an added hit because it was edible:)

May you be blessed today! May you recieve the grace you need to be everything He created you to be!

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