What is really Important in Life?


There are so many days where I learn so much from staying home with my children. There are so many new concepts or cool analogies about parenthood that I would love to share with the rest of the world, but sadly enough, I can never find the time to pen my heart! I find myself looking forward to writing a new blog to encourage other woman, especially mothers, and 2 weeks later I still have not be able to find the time to sit down and write.

Even as I write this post tonight, my littlest, Atirah, is teething and has had a fever for the last 36 hours. She refuses to sleep and wants me to hold her 24/7. Now that would be completely do-able if she were my only child but she isn’t, she is my third! So it has been hard juggling the kids, homschooling, feeding everyone, playing, keeping the house clean, etc. Today I didn’t have a shower and get dressed until almost 4pm! It was a long day but as I sit here and ponder the events of today, I am so thankful that I was able to be here in my home with all my kids, especially the little one who needed me most.

I find it sobering to think that one day they won’t need me like they do now. I am so used to hearing “mommy!, mommy!, mommy!” that the thought of not hearing that beautiful echo casts a sad shadow over my soul. I love to be needed and wanted by them. I was made for this! You were made for this! Let us not forget the importance of this time. Seasons will come and go, opportunities to share with others will always be there but our babies will not always be here.

Our family needs to be number one. No matter how many wonderful career or ministry opportunities arise, they are never worth failing our families. This rings very true in my heart even now, as I am choosing to be home with my family over pursuing a career in therapy/counseling. There is a huge need in the city and many people who I am sure that I could influence through this avenue but I know that this is where I need to be right now. How sad would it be if I missed this precious time with my kids? I believe I would forever regret it. (I am not saying everyone needs to be a stay-home-mom, at this time our family has decided that this is best for our current situation:)

Remember that we are important, what I do today shapes the generations to come. I was doing a bit of generational math and realized that my influence in my children’s lives (developing their morals, worldview, character, faith, etc) will, in the next 60 years will directly  impact 130 individuals. And that is only my grandchildren and their children and spouses, not to mention that hundred of thousands of people that they will interact with individually. There is no way that I could personally influence that many peoples lives in my lifetime alone . Investing in our kids bring exponential growth and blessing!

May you be blessed as you continue to serve and grow on this journey. You are a woman of faith, let your light shine!

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