Photo Walls


We have a lot of wall space in our home and I am always looking for creative ideas to decorate with pictures or art work. Unfortunately I don’t really have an eye for art but I do love photographs and have quite enjoyed putting together some photo walls around our home.


Here are some reasons why I love them:

1. Inexpensive – you can purchase inexpensive frames that look great in a variety of colours. You can also buy 3M stick tape so that you do not have to put holes in your walls.

2. Nice looking – they are unique and fun to look at. People always have something to observe when they come over

3. Low maintenance – once you hang them they are hassle free. The only updating you will do is if you want to change the pictures inside the frames.

4. Simple to layout – it is easy to form patterns or shapes that are appealing to the eye.

5. Can grow and expand with your family – you can switch up the pictures or add more frames as your family grows and you have new and exciting adventures together!


I am always amazed at how quickly my children grow and how much their apperance changes. I tear up when I look at pictures of their births, birthday parties, first steps, etc…they are growing up too fast!!! I have found that making these photo walls has allowed me to enjoy the changes and it serves as a constant reminder to love each stage in their little lives because it passes all too quickly.


Judah has a photo wall above his bed consisting of pictures of when I was pregnant with him and when he was a newborn. He doesn’t want me to change them because he says he doesn’t want to forget what it is like to be a baby. SO CUTE!

I encourage you to find a space in your home and create a memory that you can look to often and be reminded of God’s faithfulness in your life!


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