Christmas Blessings!


I cannot believe that it is already December! The days have been flying by at our house. We have been having a wonderful time adjusting to life with a new little one:) I have unfortunately not been able to write in my blog as much as I would like to…but now that life seems to be normalizing I am hoping to begin again soon!

Praying that the Lord would bless you and your families during this season!

I’m Back!!

After what felt like a VERY long season of sabbatical from my blog I finally feel released to get back at it and start blogging again!

It has been a busy and challenging past 6 months of my life, I have been stretched physically, emotionally and spiritually. My life has basically been flipped upside down. I have grown and learned a lot and I look forward to sharing many of these life lessons!

So this post is going to be short and sweet…and speaking of sweet here is the newest and VERY sweet addition to our family!!

Eliyah Grace

Eliyah Grace Wilson

Looking forward to posting again very soon!!