From the Inside Looking Out…

Hello…is there any body out there?? Do you ever feel like this…like a fish in a bowl, starring out into the world and wondering if anyone is starring back in? Sometimes I look out and see the business of the world and feel like it would just be easier to live my life here in my own bubble. But then there are times that loneliness overwhelmes me and all I want is to get out of my bowl. While I feel as though it is very comforting to stay in my comfortable and familiar fish bowl it can be very limiting at times and I know that in the grand scheme of life this is NOT what I am meant to do. I need to be out there experiencing life, meeting people, making friends and enjoying the gift of giving and service that are part of my DNA. So what is it that causes us to want to stay in our little bowl all alone? I suppose that fear could play a big part in that, our past experiences that have rendered us hurt and broken. Our identity crisis that inhibits us to venture out into the world and help humanity.

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