Unspeakable Joy

Have you ever had a time in your life when you laughed until you cried. When ever cell in you body was exploding with joy, so much to the point that you could not even move…or breathe…or talk? I hope that all of us have encountered at one time or another these beautiful moments. They are like air in our lungs, or food that we eat, a necessity for life. It is in these times that I am reminded of this concept of unspeakable joy. What does that mean? I heard this song once that talks about God giving us “unspeakable joy” and to be quite honest I never really knew what it meant. So I have set out on a mission to find out the meaning of this phrase. I am not an expert researcher or a theologian. I find it suffice to look into a single book to find the answer to this question…that book is the Bible. To me the best place to find the meaning of joy is from the One who created joy and created us with the ability to experience this emotion. According to the Bible joy is an amazing and powerful emotion. Joy has the ability to make us strong, it lifts us up, makes us laugh, is a demonstration of God himself, is available to all people, anytime, anywhere, and finally can leave us speechless. Interesting? Joy that is unspeakable cannot be fully explained only experienced. And to this I ask if anyone wants some of this joy? I do, I mean in this world that we live in today depression seems to be a staple word in our society. I am a counselor and poeple often come into my office, flop down in the chair like a pile of dirty laundry and tell me how depressed they are. How this world has nothing for them, how people have hurt them and then they ask how I can help them. I often ask when was the last time they had a good laugh? Most cannot even remember, so at the end of the session I send them off and tell them that their homework for next week is to have an encounter with joy, I mean a really good laugh, one that makes their eyes water, their mouth get dry, their belly hurt and that leaves them speechless. The results are life changing! So when was the last time you experienced this unspeakable joy in your life? When was the last time it hurt to breathe because you were laughing to hard? Joy is something that is experienced it bubbles up inside of us and it can be a lifestyle that we choose to live on a daily basis. It isn’t something that happens to us we happen onto it, we choose to have joy even in the midst of our culture that is like a vacuum and literally sucks the life and joy out of us on a moment by moment basis. So today I encourage you choose joy, although it is unspeakable it is absolutely attainable!

2 thoughts on “Unspeakable Joy

  1. Hello Emma,

    I’m inspired by your blog. In fact, all of your posts have been quite engaging to me in some way.

    Yesterday, I had what I thought was an awful and humilating day. I wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there for as long as I possibly could. Reading this helped me to remember that the joy that I can experience in life is far more powerful than the hurt and fear…and that it will always conquer those bad days that we might have.

    Thank you for sharing:)

  2. It is such a blessing to read your post. Thank you for sharing your unspeakable joy. I pray that God will continue blessing you and your family with an overflowing joy that it will spill onto all those who will encounter you…

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