All mixed up!

Today I feel as though my thoughts, emotions, and life plans resemble a rubiks cube, that is incomplete! I stand back and examine all of the current events in my life and realize that everything is out of place. My to-do-list continues to grow no matter how many tasks I accomplish, the housework piles up, my personal goals fade away. It seems as though everything that should be organized is not and I cant help but think about how much more is to come in the near future. I am choosing today to solve what I can and be ok with what I cannot complete. There are only 24 hours in a day and there is no point in me trying to do so many things that I loose the joy and contentment that each day has to offer. Because I am slightly OCD when it comes to  having my household in order this is quite difficult for me. I want things to be efficient and organized. I want to maximize my time and energy. However in doing these things often I loose sight of what is most important…people!

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