The days are long…but the years are short!

Today will mark the third year of my son Judah’s life. I still cannot believe that it has been three years since he made his way into this world. It was an extravagent birth, I can remember it like it was yesturday. The emotions flood my mind and I can physically feel the intensity, pain, joy and anxiety of the labour. Judah was a 12 hour labour and 2 hours of that was pushing his head out. It was a drug free, very natural birth. As I think back to that day and then look at him tonight as he sleeps my heart cannot define the emotions that well up inside of me. He has lived for 1095 days which have been incredible and joyous for our family and while 1095 days seems long, 3 years seems so short. I am in awe of how he has grown and turned into a little man who wants to be like his father, loves his mommym and protects his baby sister. How did this little life emerge? Was it not just yesturday that he was sleeping in my arms and completely dependent on me for everything? Who put his little personality inside of him? My heart is overwhelmed and I begin to tear up as I think of all the fond memories that he 3 years hold. Things that I will never forget. I can only imagine what it will be like one day when he is turning 20 and I think back to this saying; the days are long…but the years are short. How much more will that mean to us, how is that possible that the days are long but years are short. I feel completely out of touch with time. The one thing I am sure of is that God is in control of time. He is the author of our days and our years. I am thankful for my son. The motherly love that I have towards him can never be expressed in words and I will live my entire life trying to demonstrate that love to him!  Happy Birthday Judah, I am so proud of you and I am so glad that God gave you to me!

One thought on “The days are long…but the years are short!

  1. Oh, Em. . . Your words move me so deeply. Aren’t you grateful God chose to involve us in the story of creation. By fashioning us in his image, he imparted the ability to create life. . . life that emerges in OUR image! WOW! The essence of Jonah awakens in me deep revelation of the extent to which God delights in us. I endlessly favor him. . . desire him, feel joy and pleasure as I watch him evolve. . . And this is only a taste of the DePtH of love God has for us! I rejoice with you in the beauty of Judah’s life and the Divine purpose that hovers over him. . . Cheers to 3 years and all the life to come! 🙂

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