Overwhelmed with Emotion

If there is one thing I know about being a woman, its that I get easily overwhelmed with emotion! Somedays I feel like I am falling apart on the inside and my skin is all that is holding my body together. I want to cry, laugh, scream and smile all at the same time. If I had it my way today I would melt into a pool of tears on the floor. Somedays I somehow manage to hold myself together long enough for my husband to walk through the door and then I melt. After many tears are shed and I gather my composure I begin to explain the events of the day and what has led up to this melttdown. As I continue on something inside of me feels somewhat embarassed that I was upset at all. I begin to look at my day and realize it actually wasnt that bad, yet the strong emotions that I felt caused everything to be augmented 100 fold. I again realize the power of my emotion. It can literally dictate my day if I allow it to. Today is one of those days except I have begun to catch the overwhelming feelings before they get the better of me. The Lord showed me this amazing verse and I am certain that it will be one that carries me many days through, it goes like this; “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in love.” Psalm 103:8 Somehow when I read that my God is full of grace and compassion, that He isnt easily angered and that He is full of love…I feel peace and I can take a deep breath knowing that He is not up in heaven completely disappointed in me. I feel like I disappoint myself enough and the feeling of having GOD upset with me as well is completely overwhelming. As a mom I need a cheering sqad, I wish I had my own cheerleaders in my corner shouting “you’re gonna make it”, “you can do it”, hang in there”. As I woman and especially as a mother I know that emotion is my middle name. I feel like I can experience 10 different heightened emotions within a 30 minute span. Life is so full of drama when you involve children and it can be really difficult. Add on the sleep deprivation lack of adult interaction and WOW its not always pretty! I am sure that many of you can relate. So let me point you in the direction of the one who gave you emotion and allow him to help you through.

In closing today I want to speak over you what the Lord said to me today, I believe it is for us all; “My child, I AM gracious and compassionate, I am slow to anger, I AM love and I long to satify your desires with good things so that your strength is renewed. Do not allow your emotions and feelings to get the better of you, know that I am your biggest fan and in my books you are a success, no matter how you feel. You are an amazing woman, wife and mother, I am so proud of you and no emotion that you feel can ever change that.

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