I am so glad that you came to check out my blog. I am really looking forward to connecting with you and hearing from you on a regular basis. I admit that this blog has taken me longer than expected to publish, mostly because I am such a perfectionist and I wanted to edit everything to death! But I gave in, actually my husband said that he would publish it if I didn’t so I just decided to DO IT! I hope I find you all well. I want to invite you to follow my story, posts,reciepes, homemaking and devos-to-go. I am hoping to provide a place of hope, encouragement and relationships mostly for woman, wives and especially mothers who feel as though some days they might loose it after changing a dozen poopy diapers, not showering for 5 days and sleeping for an average of 5 hrs a night (combined). YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE:) And the truth of the matter is that there are many of us out there, we are all in this season of life together and to be honest, although it is difficult at times, I love it, and I want to encourage you to love it as well! Marriage, pregnancies, babies, breastfeeding, toddlers and homemaking all present very unique challenges and I believe that we can learn so many things together. Some days are good and some are not so good:) Like my 3 year old son put it, as he rested his hand on my shoulder, after a long day, in which I shed many tears, “Mommy its a hard day”!  He knew! I looked up at him and smile, yes it is a hard day, but because you said it I can move on and things are going to get better! Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that some days are hard but that they are short lived. Life is beautiful, regardless of the sticky hands, painted walls, poopy diapers, dirty dishes, stained carpet and chaos of having children, they are growing and we are watching them, this is a rare and beautiful thing. Pregnant bellies, hormones, elevated emotions and bodies that arent what they used to be are; these are some of the challenges that are reality. Life is simple, my days usually consist of feeding, changing, playing, feeding again, changing again, sleeping and playing. I feel like I clean up just in time for someone to make a mess and then I clean it again. It isnt rocket science, it’s simplicity and I have learned over the years to cherish the simplicity because too often we, as “grown ups”, try to complicate things. Children laugh an average of 400 times a day, adults about 40 times, so jump in with your kids and enjoy life. Please engage, share your heart, comment, correct, have fun and laugh with me in this season. I pray that as we grow together on this journey you and your household will be strengthen and encouraged to live a simply beautiful life!

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Emma. It’s perfect as it is. You should be so glad that Jim pushed you in the right direction and helped you publish this blog.
    I will tag along with you on this journey, because I know your pain. I know your joy!

    Love you!

  2. Love your blog. Its so good to hear you express what is really important. This season in life is like no other. We need that reminder to slow down in every season but the time when our children are small goes by so quickly. I remember when people used to tell me to just enjoy these days and not be in such a hurry. It’s really true!! Slow down and enjoy your precious babies. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Oh, Emma. . . Your words are an echo of the thoughts so often spinning wildly in me! Motherhood is a sanctifying road- much like the road of the cross, really- requiring us to lay down our lives for new life to pass through. I am in awe of the countless ways Jonah awakens in me a desperation for the strength and wisdom of God. This is by far the most taxing and demanding (yet endlessly rewarding) job on earth! I revel with you in the beauty of this season. . . though we are often weary, the essence of God surrounds us here. We are submerged in the miraculous! May we have eyes to see and ears to hear (even in the seemingly mundane tasks to life). I love you, friend!

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