Help! I’m out of control!!

This past week has been a challenging one as our kids have been very sick with the croup and we have had to stay in ALL week! Thank God it’s Friday and they are finally getting better. As a mother, my most fearful times in life are when my children are sick because I feel so out of control. I’m their mother and I feel like it is my responsibility to take care of them, love them, protect them and to heal them! However during these past 5 days God has been showing me through their illness (Romans 3:23) that I am NOT their healer, He is!

I think as mom’s we assume the role of being everything for our kids, we try our best to do it all and help them to be all that God created them to be. I think there is a very fine line that we can step over when we try to be their ALL and I am thankful that God showed me this very thing this week. I DO believe that as mothers we are called to be the nurtures and advocates of our children, it’s in us, it’s who we are created to be. However, I don’t want to portray a wrong picture to my children that I am their everything because I am human and I cannot fix everything, only God can! If we place ourselves in a position of “god” to our children we show our children that we are the answer to everything and in turn rob them of the most important life lesson. Trusting that God as their everything is the most amazing gift that we can pass onto our children!

God is in control. He is the only one who can save, heal and protect them, we, as mothers, are their advocates, and need to recognize that as wefollow Christ our children will follow us. Eventually our kids will learn that they can go directly to God for their own salvation, protection and healing. If they learn their valuable life lesson than as mothers we have SUCCEEDED!!! May you experience the liberty of trusting God with the lives of your children today!!

One thought on “Help! I’m out of control!!

  1. Amen, Amen, AMEN! I totally have experienced this liberty through my pregnancy, as I absolutely can’t be their all, even their ‘little bits’….
    It’s truly amazing to see God at work in their lives despite our human limitations, and it reminds me again and again of how He wants us to respond to others (adults!) in our lives too! May we stop trying to ‘heal/fix’ them, and just LOVE them where ever we or they are at! God will shine through, and He will provide Salvation in many ways! Love you, and I will pray for everyone’s recovery! So not fun!

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