Enjoying the Seasons

I have always lived in a climate that experiences all 4 seasons in a year. While there are certain seasons that I favor over others the Lord has been showing me how blessed I am to be able to live in a country where I can enjoy each season and its uniqueness. The season I struggle the most with is winter but I am starting to open up to the idea that I need to be creative in order to enjoy the cold and sometimes dark days:)

One of our family’s goals this year was to really embrace the outdoors and to thank God no matter what the weather. We have been puddle jumping in the rain, walking and hiking in the sunshine, making snowmen in the winter and raking and jumping piles of leaves in the fall. As I have allowed these seasons to become part of my life and have stopped complaining I have really been able to show my kids that there is always joy and together we have been cultuvating a heart of thanksgiving for EACH day! I even find that enjoying the outdoors as a family really helps my husband and I in our marriage. Being outside allows our children time and space to interact and play while we are able to talk and reflect on our life together. We will often take our family out for a walk if we want to have a good and lengthy conversation.

I have noticed that in each season there is a different feel that begins to stir in my heart. In the fall I feel the need to nest and really prepare my household for the long months ahead. In the summer I love to be out basking in the sun and going on daily adventures to local parks, beaches and pools. In the winter I love to snuggle up with a warm cup of peppermint tea and a blanket and read a book or study the Word. In the spring I love to clean and prepare my gardens for new life to arrive.

Each season in many ways relates to the seasons of my soul. Life is such a beautiful journey and each day is a gift to us from the Lord. I seen in many ways how my life experiences correlate with the seasons and even simple smells can bring me back to my childhood. For example the smell of fresh cut grass bring my back to mornings I would awaken in the summer and my father would be outside mowing the lawn…it is a memory that I love and brings so much warmth and joy to my heart.

Our creator is SO amazing, that we have the ability to link emotions, times and smells together. We can feel the sun beating on our face and remember the summer vacation we took 20 years ago! I am so thankful for this gift of life! I am blessed to be alive! When my emotions try to get the better of me on a rainy day I am choosing to embrace each day and its simple pleasures!! May you embrace the seasons and bask in the gift of LIFE!

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