Ready for Routine!

ImageWhat an incredible summer 2012 has been!!! We have enjoyed much sunshine and adventure together as a family. We had so many fun quality experiences together, I am truthly thankful for the joy and rejuvenation that this season has brought. We celebrated our little Atirah’s first birthday, in our backyard, (which was a treat because she is our only summer baby) it was a sweet time for a sweet little girl!


We went on our first family mission trip this summer to Mexico, it was an incredible time of serving and loving on the children at the orphanage. Our kids thrived and made lots of new little friends and Jim and I marveled at the heart of compassion and service that our team brought. It was a life changing adventure!


We had fun with our CSA veggie share this summer, trying lots of new recipes and vegetarian dishes! Judah played another summer of soccer which is a fun family event once a week and Mercy took blallet. We travelled to the States to attend a Christian festival called Kingdom Bound, it was a wonderful time; we were blessed by the speakers, worship and time spent with family and friends!


God did a lot in our marriage this summer. It was a time of unifying our hearts and consecrating them to His plans and purposes for our lives. We have had so many incredible conversation that have sparked a deeper level of friendship. We have encountered many trials and challenges that have refined us and caused to to come into a deeper level of surrender. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in August. We watched our wedding video with the kids and they giggled and laughed as they watched us kiss for the first time during our ceremony:) Shortly after, our sweet Mercy asked me one morning “mommy can you find me a husband?” my heart melted, I said “sure honey when the time is right daddy and I will help you find the best husband, I promise!” “ok” she said “Maybe Judah would be the best husband” lol… That was a powerful moment in our relationship, one that I will never forget and one that I will testify at on her wedding day! Jim and I pray for our children’s future spouses and now I feel even more compelled to pray!


We are now getting back into somewhat of a routine in our home. With homeschooling Judah & Mercy this year I am dependent on the Lord to show me what routine he has for our family and how it all plays out. It feel good to be home again, to slow down and rest. I love seasons of summer, adventures, exploration and I do find that they are encouraging but only for a time and then my soul longs for rest and routine. The verse we read for our first homeschool class was Ecc 3 – A Season for Everything!


I have been horrible at blogging this summer but I am looking forward to getting into it more, the new website is almost ready just a few tweaks to go! I hope and pray that you and your families had a wonderful summer as well. I pray that you will find rest and peace as you enter into this new season. May you embrace a deeper passion and love for your family this fall!Image

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