A Simply Thankful Life…

Enjoying the fall in our backyard!

My heart is full of thanksgiving as I take a moment to reflect on all of the incredible blessings in my life. I am SO thankful for…cool autumn walks, changing fall colours, baby kisses and snuggles, a creator who loves me, the sound of little feet that pitter pat down the hallway, a son who is beginning to look like his father, a warm home, my little girl’s blue eyes and blond hair, amazing friends, a fun backyard to explore in, warm coffee, freedom to dance, hearing little people call me “mommy” all day long, being loved, being able to love others, a wonderful family of believers, long distance friendships that I can count on, coconut muffins, being born in this generation, sharing life with my best friend, being home with my babies, not knowing what tomorrow hold but feel hope and anticipation every morning I awake.

May you enjoy rich family time this weekend. May you have a wonderful thanksgiving as you remember the One to whom all “thanks” is due!!

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