The Outdoor Classroom

Mercy exploring her outdoor artifacts:)

We have been enjoying the outdoors this fall. The weather has been beautiful and we have been taking every opportunity to get the kids out and encourage them to explore God’s creation. We went for a hike on the weekend. Our city has some incredible trails that we have become aware of and we did it as part of our science class. As a homeschooling family we take every opportunity to turn “school” into a field trip. One of my biggest goals as I teach my children is to cultivate a love for learning so that as they grow that love with grow with them. Whether you homeschool your children or not you can take every opportunity to explore life together, it creates lasting memories!

Our explorer’s list

My husband wanted to make this hike different from other hikes that we have taken in the past so we wrote out a list of things that needed to be found and gave each little one a bag to collect their items. After the hike we put everything out on the picnic table and talked about what we had found. We discovered new textures, colours, and quantities of these items. We used bonoculars, magnifying glasses and our 5 senses to explore. It really gave the kids something to work for, as they thought that our list was more like a “treasure map”:)

I sometimes find it hard to have a little one with me while I am teaching the older two, however this was an awsome way to include the baby, she got a piggyback, on our trip. She laughed, talked and eventually fell asleep:)

We also included a trip to the conservation authority in our hometown as part of this field trip. We were able to talk about the importance of conserving nature and that God has given us this world to take care of it. (Just as he told Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis) The kids also learned about the importance of conserving certain areas of nature for the animal and water; we touched on pollution issues as well. The kids learned so much, as did Jim and I, BUT most importantly they had fun doing it!

He thought it was hilarious that he could hid behind this branch…we would pretend like he disappeared:)

May you enjoy the beauty of creation all around you. Make memories with your little ones this week! Remember every adventure outside can be an outdoor classroom:)!

Counting the spokes on the pinecone

Looking closely at the designs on the rocks

That’s my son, loves to turn everything into a gun! Seriously how does he come up with these ideas??:)

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