Bridging the Generations…

Nana and Mercy reading together this morning

As a mother who is passionate about family, I am VERY passionate about cultivating the relationships between my children and their grandparents and great-grandparents. I smiled this morning as I was watching my little Mercy listen to her great-grandmother read to her. My grandmother is 85 years old and such a beautiful woman. There are 82 years between Mercy and my grandmother. She loves to read to the children and they love her so much, they call her Nana. It has been such a gift to have her with us and for my children to learn from her and allow her to pour into their lives. This unique relationship gives my children a reverance and curiosity for Nana and her life and the kids bring a joy and purpose into my grandmother’s life that I see everytime they spend time with her. I thank God for this unique relationship!

May you encourage your children to build bridges between the generations to learn and glean from them. There are things that they have experienced that we never will and it is an irreplaceable treasure for our kids to hear stories from them rather than reading them in a book!

Bless you as you encourage your family today!!

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