may my life be…

Florida 2008 082

As I sit here this morning, overwhelmed with birthday wishes and amazing memories of the past 31 years of life, I am truly thankful. I am thankful for family, for friends and for years of laughter. I am thankful for hard time and tears, for situations that I thought were impossible but over time have proven to be miracles. I am most especially thankful to the One who gave me life. I feel like the depth of love, joy and passion that I experience in this life come from Him. His abundant love for me brings me to my knees, the fact that He gave me this life and dreamt me into being amazes me. I do experience life and life abundant. I breathe in a deep sense of satisfaction, peace and contentment with who I am and where I am today. (this was not always the case) I give credit to the One who gives me purpose and who is the author of deep peace and rest. The song below was written by my brother-in-law Sean Dayton, I woke up singing it:) The words a mirrored reflection of my heart, and a majestic landscape of what is to come!

may my life be an offering of praise

all I have, Lord, I lay it at your feet

not just a song but the sweetest melody

I give you my life…

purify all that’s hidden in my heart

a sacrifice, Lord, I desire to bring

not just a song, or the sweetest melody

I give you my life…

I’m living for your glory, I’m living for your fame

In view of your great mercy, I bow down at your feet

Lord your mercy has paved a way for me

to bring a holy and pleasing offering

not just a song or the sweetest melody

I give you my life…

May you experience the deep love and peace that comes from knowing the One who gave you life! Have a wonderful day!

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