Repotting Orchids

I love orchids! I have been growing them for years. They are one of the most majestic, beautiful flowers that I know. It seems that every year I accumulate more orchids plants. They come in a pot with a one or two stemmed orchid plant and they flower a different times during the year (usually once, but sometimes twice:) I had been struggle as to what to do with all of the pots when the flowers were dormant. I didn’t really want to leave them out as the green leaves are not very attractive so I had been storing them on a window ledge in my bathroom. This became a problem when the ledge began to get too small. I had SO many pots and not enough room.

I needed to contain the plants and at the same time repot them because they were beginning to outgrow their pots. I decided to go out and buy a very large pot in which I would plant several orchids. I purchased a beautiful pot and began to replant my orchids.

Repotting orchids can be daunting as they are very susceptible to changes in temperature, sunlight and even movement. I filled the bottom of the pot up with shells, (you could also use stones), anything that is good for drainage. I then filled the pot half way up with orchid potting mix, it contains wood chips and moss. I then began one at a time to add my orchid plants, I managed to fit 5 orchids in the pot. Afterwards I filled up the rest of the pot to the top with more of the potting mix. I watered them and gave them their weekly fertilizer and so far they are doing great!

One of them is beginning to flower and I was thinking it will be really nice to have at least one in the pot always in bloom so that it can be out on display.

Hopefully this helps those who had the same dilemma, I think it looks great and it easier to take care of , one pot, one water, one fertilizer many blooms!

May you experience the joy of the Father’s pleasure today. May we continue to grow in our maturity and character and we serve in our homes!


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