Enjoying the Seasons

I have always lived in a climate that experiences all 4 seasons in a year. While there are certain seasons that I favor over others the Lord has been showing me how blessed I am to be able to live in a country where I can enjoy each season and its uniqueness. The season I struggle the most with is winter but I am starting to open up to the idea that I need to be creative in order to enjoy the cold and sometimes dark days:)

One of our family’s goals this year was to really embrace the outdoors and to thank God no matter what the weather. We have been puddle jumping in the rain, walking and hiking in the sunshine, making snowmen in the winter and raking and jumping piles of leaves in the fall. As I have allowed these seasons to become part of my life and have stopped complaining I have really been able to show my kids that there is always joy and together we have been cultuvating a heart of thanksgiving for EACH day! I even find that enjoying the outdoors as a family really helps my husband and I in our marriage. Being outside allows our children time and space to interact and play while we are able to talk and reflect on our life together. We will often take our family out for a walk if we want to have a good and lengthy conversation.

I have noticed that in each season there is a different feel that begins to stir in my heart. In the fall I feel the need to nest and really prepare my household for the long months ahead. In the summer I love to be out basking in the sun and going on daily adventures to local parks, beaches and pools. In the winter I love to snuggle up with a warm cup of peppermint tea and a blanket and read a book or study the Word. In the spring I love to clean and prepare my gardens for new life to arrive.

Each season in many ways relates to the seasons of my soul. Life is such a beautiful journey and each day is a gift to us from the Lord. I seen in many ways how my life experiences correlate with the seasons and even simple smells can bring me back to my childhood. For example the smell of fresh cut grass bring my back to mornings I would awaken in the summer and my father would be outside mowing the lawn…it is a memory that I love and brings so much warmth and joy to my heart.

Our creator is SO amazing, that we have the ability to link emotions, times and smells together. We can feel the sun beating on our face and remember the summer vacation we took 20 years ago! I am so thankful for this gift of life! I am blessed to be alive! When my emotions try to get the better of me on a rainy day I am choosing to embrace each day and its simple pleasures!! May you embrace the seasons and bask in the gift of LIFE!

Help! I’m out of control!!

This past week has been a challenging one as our kids have been very sick with the croup and we have had to stay in ALL week! Thank God it’s Friday and they are finally getting better. As a mother, my most fearful times in life are when my children are sick because I feel so out of control. I’m their mother and I feel like it is my responsibility to take care of them, love them, protect them and to heal them! However during these past 5 days God has been showing me through their illness (Romans 3:23) that I am NOT their healer, He is!

I think as mom’s we assume the role of being everything for our kids, we try our best to do it all and help them to be all that God created them to be. I think there is a very fine line that we can step over when we try to be their ALL and I am thankful that God showed me this very thing this week. I DO believe that as mothers we are called to be the nurtures and advocates of our children, it’s in us, it’s who we are created to be. However, I don’t want to portray a wrong picture to my children that I am their everything because I am human and I cannot fix everything, only God can! If we place ourselves in a position of “god” to our children we show our children that we are the answer to everything and in turn rob them of the most important life lesson. Trusting that God as their everything is the most amazing gift that we can pass onto our children!

God is in control. He is the only one who can save, heal and protect them, we, as mothers, are their advocates, and need to recognize that as wefollow Christ our children will follow us. Eventually our kids will learn that they can go directly to God for their own salvation, protection and healing. If they learn their valuable life lesson than as mothers we have SUCCEEDED!!! May you experience the liberty of trusting God with the lives of your children today!!

Bucket of Rocks

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful, it was a cool and crisp, but warm and sunny. I love the fall, such an incredible time of year to reflect. I find myself really stopping to look at the leaves, smell the fresh air and thinking back on all the wonderful memories of the summer. The fall always promps me to want to nest, organize and prepare for the upcoming year. I went through and organized all the summer/winter clothing for myself, Jim and the kids, sent 5 garbage bags to rebuilt resources, organized my entire walk in closet, sorted through the playroom purging all the unused toys and reorganized my tupperware drawer; it feels so good! My husband, Jim, and I also decided that we were going to clean out and organize the garage this weekend and we did! It look amazing and we can actually both park our cars in there. Since moving into our new home last winter our garage has been the go to place for junk and other unwanted parafinalia. Now it is neat and organized!

In the same way I like to organize my physical surroundings I also feel the urgency to organize matters in my heart. I love how my children end up teaching me life’s most valuable lessons;) And thankfully my son Judah was the teacher this weekend:) While Jim and I were our organizing the Lord showed us an incredible picture of the importance of unloading and organizing our hearts and the things in life that weigh us down! My son Judah kept yelling at Jim to come to the ditch infront of our house because he wanted to tell him something. Jim was trying to clean out the garage and he couldn’t keep running back and forth so he told Judah to come and talk to him in the garage. Judah explained that he couldn’t come over, he kept yelling “daddy come here I want to talk to you”. (We didnt realize it but Judah had taken a large bucket out of the garage and was filling it up with his favorite rocks in the ditch. Many of these rocks were large and really heavy but he “loved” each one. Judah couldn’t move the bucket of rocks so we wanted Jim to come to him). Judah finally told Jim that he had a bucket full of rocks and they were too heavy to move so he couldn’t come talk in the garage. Jim encouraged Judah to get rid of some of the rocks or leave them and come and talk to him but Judah refused. He wanted to bring them. He continued to whine and complain that his bucket was too heavy to carry. He was frustrated and the whole neighbourhood knew it. Jim continued to encourage him again to leave the rocks but Judah wouldn’t he wanted to bring them. This carried on for a while until Judah finally dumped the bucket and came to talk to Jim.

Does this sound familiar to any of you? Is your bucket full of rocks? Have you ever tried to hold onto something or carry something that you were not strong enough to carry? Do you get frustrated and complain when you know there are areas in your life that you need to “leave behind”?  I’ll be the first to admit that there are times I find myself struggling to get to the Father because I refuse to leave my sin behind. I whine and complain that God won’t meet me but it’s because I refuse to move. Just like Judah was so determined to hold onto his rocks I am so determined to hold onto my sin. I make up excuses for my sin trying to justify them. I can’t leave behind the “rock” of anger because then I won’t feel justified, or the “rock” of comparison or bitterness, hatred or pride, performance, envy, jealously, idolatry…you get the idea. We try to explain how much we love these “rocks” and we may even dress them up to look so nice. (See picture above – Judah’s pet rock, orginally named: “rocky”!). Regardless, we all carry around these heavy rocks and when the Father asks us to leave them and we refuse. We get frustrated and begin to grumble and complain, much like the Israellites. We need to realize that we were not meant to carry these “rocks”! We need to let them go. Are there some “rocks” that you may be carrying around that God wants you to leave so that you can get closer to him? He says in his word that if we draw near to Him, he will draw near to us, James 4:8. So I encourage you to leave them, empty your bucket and move forward, it’s worth it!

May you experience the fullness of a close relationship with him, free from any “rocks” that are weigh you down!

What did you do today?

On several occasions I have been asked by people who find out that I stay home with my children; “so you stay home, what exactly did you do today?” Or sometimes they simply state; “you stay home, that must be so nice, you must have so much time on your hands, I wish I could do that”. Sometimes I want to volunteer them to babysit my three children and run our household for a 10 hour time slot and see if they come up with a different response:)

At times my defenses have flared up because the tone of their voice implies that I didnt do anything at all. As if there is doubt in their minds that I did anything more than getting out of bed or sleeping through the entire day. The Lord really had to deal with my heart in this area of my life. Why was I so offended by their questions? Why do I feel like I need to prove my position? When I used to talk about my career in counseling as a therapist, I never had the need to defend my job but now as a stay-at-home mom I feel the need to defend it?

I felt like telling them everything I did in a day; …”Woke up, had a shower (if I’m lucky), got dressed, made the bed, made 3 more beds, got the kids up, changed two diapers, did toddlers hair, picked out clothes for three little people, dressed the same three little people, brushed two sets of teeth, breastfed the baby, made breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned up after breakfast, gave out vitamins, by this time changed another diaper, hopefully brushed my teeth and hair, (not gonna lie, it doesn’t often happen), took out the garbage, threw in a load of laundry, did homeschool with the two little kids while the baby napped, change another diaper, hang out laundry on the line, put in a load of cloth diapers, played pirates (the kids were the pirates and I was the monkey – go figure:), read a couple books, attempted a puzzle, got snack out, fed snack to the two little kids, cleaned up, hung diapers on the line, put in a load of towels, got on our coats, packed into the van, did up 4 sets of seatbelts, headed out to the EYC, played and talked with some other mom’s (one of the highlights of my day), packed the kids back up in the van, another 4 sets of seatbelts, stopped at the gas station and filled up, realized I needed a coffee today, stopped at Tim Hortons, also added two muffins to my order for the backseat drivers in the van:), unloaded the van, kids played, changed another diaper, unpacked diaper bag, got out lunch, made two different lunches because they don’t like the same meal, cleaned up, ate the leftovers, fed the baby, changed another diaper, put on a show for 1/2hr, put the toddler down for a nap, set up the 4yr old for a quiet time, played with the baby, cut up watermelon for snack, started getting ready for supper, took the dry clothes in, hung out the wet clothes, put in the last load of towels, swept the floor, sent the messages from the phone calls for my husbands business that I answer throughout the day, put the baby down for her nap, sat down for 15 minutes in the silence and read by Bible and journaled (another highlight of my day), was interrupted by the 4 yr old who reminded me that quiet time is now over, cleaned up his room, got toddler up from her nap, make the bed again, changed a diaper, got out snack, cleaned up split juice with a mop, played in the playroom, got everyone dressed for a walk, went to the marsh and got cat tails, carried the 4 yr old home while pushing the double stroller because he was too tired to walk, (I felt like I was going to faint:), got dinner started, fed the baby and did a puzzle with my feet, played a swords game and lost, changed baby’s diaper, hubby came home, we ate, cleaned up, loaded dishwasher, talked about the day, took clothes off the line, folded clothes, put clothes away, undressed the 3 kids, bathed the 3 kids, got three sets of PJ’s on, had a bedtime snack, brushed teeth, read stories, said prayers, sand songs and put the two littles to bed, fed the baby, put baby to bed, came downstairs, cleaned up, did dishes, took out garbage, turned on dishwasher, talked with Jim, prayed, put my head on my pillow and passed out!”… that is what I did today and you? Some of you may be able to relate all too well to the job description above.

It bothered me for a really long time, until I began to realize that it wasn’t a question of what I did as a mom, it was my view as myself in that position. I didn’t believe that what I was doing was important and I wanted to prove to myself and others that it was an important job. The Lord began to heal my heart and show me that what I do every day really does matter and that even if no one else notices that HE see me and says that it is worth it. I felt such a relief when I began to walk in this truth everyday, I didn’t feel the need to strive or prove myself rather I began to have a heart that was thankful for the job that He assigned to me. I now see each of these daily activities as worship to the Lord and as a duty that I need to be faithful to. I am a mother and that is my full time job in this season of my life and I love it! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, looking after anyone else. I count it a blessing and a priviledge to stay home with my babies and I pray that I will be able to raise them to be all that God created them to be, this is my highest and most important calling in life! May you be encouraged to pursue motherhood to the fullest whether you stay home or work, remember that the little ones in your care are a gift and a blessing! You are valuable and important not because of what you do but because you are loved and accepted by your Creator!

Atirah’s Birth Story

Atirah Kaiya Prayse

“Prayer, Life and Praise!”

July 28, 2011

7lbs 1.90z, 19 inches


The events surrounding Atirah’s birth are truly a blessing from God. As a mother I have been challenged and humbled through them, the Lord has taught me much through bringing this little girl into the world, for which, I am truly grateful! The name Atirah means “prayer” in hebrew and little did we know that you would rely so much on prayer leading up to your arrival as well as during labour and birth. You came to us on July 28th at 4:28pm. You were 2 weeks and 2 days past your due date but still a tiny little peanut, the smallest of all my children thus far. The final month of my pregnancy leading up to your birth was frustrating and challenging for me. I had tons of prelabour contractions, I would be awoken in the middle of the night because these contrations were  so intense. It was hot and I was getting impatient. However I was having a great pregnancy and I was determined to rely on the Lord’s timing and to allow Him to bring your forth at the right time! There were many nights when I thought that you were going to come but by the next morning things would stop. I listened to many of my fellow pregnant moms and tried all the “tricks in the book”; evening of primrose oil at 36 weeks, hot baths, spicy food, long brisk walks, we even restorted to castor oil at the end but you didnt budge:) The midwives started doing stretch and sweeps at 38 weeks but it still didnt do anything! I should also mention that we were planning a homebirth if I went naturally however I was somewhat doubtful because your brother and sister were both overdue and we had to be induced at the hospital. Judah was 8 days over, induced with prostin gel and born 12 hours later at 8lbs 1oz. Mercy was two weeks over, induced with prostin gel and born 5 hours later at 8lbs 5oz. Both healthy beautiful babies but both very much overdue. There were a couple issues such as an aged placenta and meconium aspirations that we were warned about so naturally we wanted to be sure that we would make a choice that was the best for you. July 12th, my due date, came and went as did the next two weeks. I had one ultrasound that we thought may be more accurate and it was for July 20th, however that date came and went as well. I think you were pretty cosy in my belly little one:)

As the days passed I felt like an israelite wandering in the dessert, wondering when I would see the promised land! I would grumble and complain, I was getting frustrated that I couldnt got into labour by myself and wondered what was wrong with me? Everyone else was having their babies and there were a lot of them! My sister in law was due after me and ended up having her little guy 5 days before me! But through prayer the Lord would gently remind me of His faithfulness and plans for my life, I knew that He was good and knew what He was doing so I would surrender, repent and move on. I finally decided to fully surrend it to the Lord and completely trust that whatever happened I would trust Him as he worked in my heart! We spoke a lot with the midwives about your birth and discussed for how long we should wait. There were no signs that you were dropping into the pelvis, and there was no dialation of the cervix that would lend itself to labour coming anytime soon. Your dad and I prayed A LOT about it, and felt like with my history and the amount of time that had already passed we would wait as long as we could before scheduling an induction, and we did. We trusted the Lord to intervene if he wanted to but we both felt peace about being induced with the prostin gel if we came to the 28th of July. And we did. To be quite honest I doubted that it would even work as the baby’s head was high and I hadnt dialated much. We now realize that because you were so small there was no need for you to “drop” and therefore there was no pressue on my cervix wchi was the reason for little to no dialation. You may have stayed in there for another few weeks which could pose as a threat for your health and mine. The day prior to our induction I tried castor oil to see if it would “naturally” induce me but it only gave me contrations 3 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for about 6 hours and then they stopped and after it was all over I was really tired. On wednesday night our kids had a sleepoverat Gramie and Grampies house, so we enjoyed a nice evening together and had a great night sleep, which would prove to be a blessing the next day. On Thursday morning we woke up and headed up to the hospital for 7:30am. We met our midwife Kathy there as well as the oncall OB, Dr. Egboula (amazing ob, very kind and respectful), and they induced me at 8:30am. Immediately the contractions started, they were intense and about every 2 minutes. Jim texted our family and friends and everyone began to pray for our journey ahead, and boy would we need it! I laid in the bed for an hour and then walked the halls for 45 minutes, as I walked they intensified and at 10:30am the nurse checked me, I was 4-5cm and having regular intense contactions. I was still doubtful at this point, thinking that it could stop at any time, I had felt this before and nothing came of it. They decided to admit me and I immediately got in the shower, unfortunately there were no tubs at the hospital so I had to settle for the shower. My mom met up with us and our midwife returned. Everyone thought that it was going to be really fast, and so did I. I laboured in the shower, still doubtful but hoping that this was it. As the water teamed down on my back I began to sing with the music that Jim had put on and worship the Lord, I felt his presence in that room and knew that he was in control. I was continuing to surrender this labour to him and I began to weep as I thought of the reality of meeting my little girl. I was overwhelmed by love, excited and anxious and in pain all at the same time. I was praising him to the priveledge of carrying this life. Labour continued for the next 4 1/2 hours, contractions 2 minutes apart, lasting for a minutes, I was getting tired. Everyone was just waiting for my water to break, wondering what the hold up was. I was getting pretty tired by this point, so Kathy my midwife decided to check me to see if there was any progress. Again Jim sent out an email asking our intercessors to keep praying for the health of the baby and myself. In my mind I was thinking I should almost be fully dialated after all this work but I wasn’t. At 3:15pm I braced myself the uncomfortable exam and we found out that after 6 1/2 hours of labour I was still 5cm and the head wasnt engaged at all! I felt God’s peace come over me in that moment and felt like I zoned out. I heard Jim and Kathy talking about pain management, breaking my water, etc. But I felt like I wasnt really present. I had peace that Jim could make that decision as I was too tired to think about anything. He knew me, he knew that medication wasnt an option for me and I trusted his discernement. We decided to break my water, Dr. Egboula was still there and he agreed to do it. At 3:40pm he returned to my room and broke my water, it was painful and I felt a bit scared as I knew that this was it and at any moment I was going to feel this labour kick into high gear. They put me on the monitor to make sure that the baby could handle these contractions and she did perfectly. In 5 minutes of my water breaking, I began to feel the most intense conctractions of my life. They would last at least a minute and were one on top of each other. It was in agony, I had never experienced such intensity. I sat at the edge of the bed, and held onto my mom while Jim pressed into my lower back. After the first 5 contractions my body began to transition into the pushing phase, I began to bear down uncontrollably. This continued with each contraction. In my mind I knew that it wasnt going to be long now. I just needed to make it through each contraction. The pain was enduring and it was all I could do to breathe. I cried out to the Lord and clung onto my mom and my wonderful husband. In the next half hour I went from 5cm to 10cm and I could actually feel the head descending into my pelvis. My body began to push and with three short contractions I push out our precious baby girl! (my pushing was completely involuntary, my body just knew what to do, it was amazing). Our second midwife Audrey showed up 2 minutes prior to her birth so she was able to assist in the birth which was amazing because both Kathy and Audrey have attending all of our children’s births. Jim told me afterwards that at the end I said “I can’t do this” and within 5 seconds Jim handed me our beautiful baby girl. It was amazing! I love that her daddy caught her and brought her into the world. We were all in tears and in awe of this new little life. It is such an amazing and humbling experience to know that you are the only one in the whole world who can comfort your child in that moment. As soon as she heard my voice she was silent! Jim cut the chord and immediately Kathy started collecting the chord blood so we could send it away for storage. Once Atirah was born I felt like a million bucks! That feeling of complete relief is amazing! I was so in love with this little baby lying in my arms, feeling her and seeing her brought such great joy to my life. I was so thankful to the Lord for bringing me through such a hard and long labour. As I lay there with her on me, everyone kept saying how tiny she looked, at this point I thought she was about 9lbs because of how overdue she was so they weighed you and I was in shock that I had such a tiny baby, you were an answer to prayer! I had always prayed and asked the Lord for a little baby and he gave me you, we nicknamed you “little prayer”:) I feel as though with each baby the wells of my heart grow deeper and I have the capacity to love even more. I have such a deep love for you Atirah, word cannot express it. Perhaps, it is because I had be anticipating your arrival for SO long or many it is simply because God gave me this love, whatever it is, I fully embrace you little one! You are perfect and you are another precious gift from the Lord. Atirah Kaiya Prayse, birthed through life-giving prayer and praise you came to us. May your life testify to the goodness and faithfulness of our God!

When it rains it pours!

Today it was pouring rain in my world! It is funny because I have recently been telling people that motherhood has been fairly simple these days. The kids are at nice stages as they are both sleeping at the same time, eating well, and playing together. But in the last 24hrs, it has been a different story! Mercy woke up at least 4 times last night – she is teething, they were both cranky this morning, Judah was drama king and extra emotional, they both cried at the same time on multiple occasions, fussy about eating, Judah woke Mercy up and at nap time Mercy woke Judah up, everything was a fight and no one listen to mommy! Judah kept telling me to go to work, he wanted to see daddy. (love that line, can’t you feel love and appreciate in those moments:) – NOT)

What did I do? What happened? I kept trying to pinch myself all morning wondering if I was sleeping and needed to be woken up from this nightmare. I often see this pattern in motherhood, things go ALL wrong at the same time and also at the most inconvenient times! Hence the saying “When it rains it pours”!

Once I finally got these two little angels to sleep, for their afternoon nap, I sat alone in peace, quiet and stillness, ate my breakfast (it was now 1:30pm) and had a little debriefing session with God. He knows my kids better than me so I often go to Him for advice:) I really believe that when life challenges us we can do one of two things:

1. Complain and wallow in our frustration


2. Reflect and learn from the situation

I chose the latter and as a result I really learned a lot about my perception of life. Everything was chaotic this morning because inside of me I had a plan or a picture of what things should look like, it was an EXPECTATION of my babies and our day. The Lord slowly and graciously helped me to lay down my selfishness, my agenda and my desires and remember that in HIS kingdom selflessness and humility come first! I truly believe that my reactions to the day and what I was telling myself had everything to do with the difficulty level. I was tense, stressed and negative. I now realize this. Next time I am going to be calm, relaxed and positive.

Kids are unpredictable. Life throws us curve balls. You are NOT alone! God is in control. Our priorities are to love Him and love our kids! May you experience the peace that passes all understanding today, may it guard your heart and mind in Christ!  May the Lord bless you and your household today!


I am so glad that you came to check out my blog. I am really looking forward to connecting with you and hearing from you on a regular basis. I admit that this blog has taken me longer than expected to publish, mostly because I am such a perfectionist and I wanted to edit everything to death! But I gave in, actually my husband said that he would publish it if I didn’t so I just decided to DO IT! I hope I find you all well. I want to invite you to follow my story, posts,reciepes, homemaking and devos-to-go. I am hoping to provide a place of hope, encouragement and relationships mostly for woman, wives and especially mothers who feel as though some days they might loose it after changing a dozen poopy diapers, not showering for 5 days and sleeping for an average of 5 hrs a night (combined). YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE:) And the truth of the matter is that there are many of us out there, we are all in this season of life together and to be honest, although it is difficult at times, I love it, and I want to encourage you to love it as well! Marriage, pregnancies, babies, breastfeeding, toddlers and homemaking all present very unique challenges and I believe that we can learn so many things together. Some days are good and some are not so good:) Like my 3 year old son put it, as he rested his hand on my shoulder, after a long day, in which I shed many tears, “Mommy its a hard day”!  He knew! I looked up at him and smile, yes it is a hard day, but because you said it I can move on and things are going to get better! Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that some days are hard but that they are short lived. Life is beautiful, regardless of the sticky hands, painted walls, poopy diapers, dirty dishes, stained carpet and chaos of having children, they are growing and we are watching them, this is a rare and beautiful thing. Pregnant bellies, hormones, elevated emotions and bodies that arent what they used to be are; these are some of the challenges that are reality. Life is simple, my days usually consist of feeding, changing, playing, feeding again, changing again, sleeping and playing. I feel like I clean up just in time for someone to make a mess and then I clean it again. It isnt rocket science, it’s simplicity and I have learned over the years to cherish the simplicity because too often we, as “grown ups”, try to complicate things. Children laugh an average of 400 times a day, adults about 40 times, so jump in with your kids and enjoy life. Please engage, share your heart, comment, correct, have fun and laugh with me in this season. I pray that as we grow together on this journey you and your household will be strengthen and encouraged to live a simply beautiful life!

Overwhelmed with Emotion

If there is one thing I know about being a woman, its that I get easily overwhelmed with emotion! Somedays I feel like I am falling apart on the inside and my skin is all that is holding my body together. I want to cry, laugh, scream and smile all at the same time. If I had it my way today I would melt into a pool of tears on the floor. Somedays I somehow manage to hold myself together long enough for my husband to walk through the door and then I melt. After many tears are shed and I gather my composure I begin to explain the events of the day and what has led up to this melttdown. As I continue on something inside of me feels somewhat embarassed that I was upset at all. I begin to look at my day and realize it actually wasnt that bad, yet the strong emotions that I felt caused everything to be augmented 100 fold. I again realize the power of my emotion. It can literally dictate my day if I allow it to. Today is one of those days except I have begun to catch the overwhelming feelings before they get the better of me. The Lord showed me this amazing verse and I am certain that it will be one that carries me many days through, it goes like this; “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in love.” Psalm 103:8 Somehow when I read that my God is full of grace and compassion, that He isnt easily angered and that He is full of love…I feel peace and I can take a deep breath knowing that He is not up in heaven completely disappointed in me. I feel like I disappoint myself enough and the feeling of having GOD upset with me as well is completely overwhelming. As a mom I need a cheering sqad, I wish I had my own cheerleaders in my corner shouting “you’re gonna make it”, “you can do it”, hang in there”. As I woman and especially as a mother I know that emotion is my middle name. I feel like I can experience 10 different heightened emotions within a 30 minute span. Life is so full of drama when you involve children and it can be really difficult. Add on the sleep deprivation lack of adult interaction and WOW its not always pretty! I am sure that many of you can relate. So let me point you in the direction of the one who gave you emotion and allow him to help you through.

In closing today I want to speak over you what the Lord said to me today, I believe it is for us all; “My child, I AM gracious and compassionate, I am slow to anger, I AM love and I long to satify your desires with good things so that your strength is renewed. Do not allow your emotions and feelings to get the better of you, know that I am your biggest fan and in my books you are a success, no matter how you feel. You are an amazing woman, wife and mother, I am so proud of you and no emotion that you feel can ever change that.